Humanitäre Hilfe für die Ukraine e.V. DE EN
Leopolis Humanitarian Aid for the Ukraine e.V.

Our organization works to improve the living conditions of impoverished Jews living in West Ukraine. Leopolis e.V. is a nonprofit organization registered at the district court in Munich, Germany. The projects we undertake are strictly noncommercial; we are exempt from corporate taxes. Leopolis e.V. has no political association. Contributors receive at the outset of each year a certificate of donation; all charitable contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by German law. Should you need a certificate of donation prior to the beginning of January, please let us know. You can learn more about certificates of donation here.

Leopolis e.V. administrative duties are carried out in Germany by a small team working as honorary volunteers. It is our endeavor to see that your generous support goes directly to those in need.

Dr. Aleksander Schwarz,
 founder and honorary chairperson of Leopolis e.V.

The projects, which since 1993 have particularly aided children and the elderly, were initiated and continually sustained by founder Dr. Aleksander Schwarz.