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Warm lunches

For almost twenty years we have provided a daily warm lunch to some 100 people in need, children among them. In the pleasant, sheltered surroundings of the canteen at Lviv polytechnic college they meet and share a meal five times a week. For many of the elderly these occasions are the social highlight of the day, a way to maintain contacts.

Financial support

In the small communities surrounding Lviv we look after a great many people in need. Each receives from us 15 euros as monthly support. This perhaps does not sound like a great deal of money, but local pensions are minimal, and it does provide the needy with enough to purchase all essentials. The social commissions of the region's Jewish communities determine who is needful of our aid. Thanks to our excellent cooperation with B'nai Brith in Lviv, our financial support is delivered directly to the hands of those in urgent need.